Social responsibility

Ever since its establishment our firm has been supporting various initiatives which contribute to the development of culture, sports and education. We have preserved this tradition since we believe that a business needs to be accountable to the society in which it operates.

As a top-tier law firm, we proudly support foundations and organizations which are similar to our company in terms of the area of operations and the wider benefit which they promote, and in this way, we contribute to a better future and new generations.


Our company is a registered member of the MAMFORCE Association which supports organizations in the development of a mutual support culture in relation to family and gender awareness. MAMFORCE COMPANY© is a renowned quality brand which certifies competences in the implementation of family and gender awareness policies of human resource management. We are part of a group of companies which by various responsible policies and benefits facilitate the balance between private and business obligations of its employees and provide the requirements for career development regardless of parenthood and gender.

Through the development of a positive organizational change, increase of employee engagement, development of inclusive, participative leadership and related organizational cultures, we are trying to ensure the best work environment and professional development opportunities.

Zlatko Crnić Foundation

For many years Hanžeković & Partners has been supporting the Zlatko Crnić Foundation which has been awarding scholarships to best law students for the past 27 years. Members of the Foundations and the Foundation Council are supporting excellence, and many scholarship recipients of the Foundation’ are now distinguished judges, lawyers, notaries public or teach at faculties of law. From its beginning, the Foundation has so far awarded over 600 annual scholarships whose total value amounts to approximately HRK 6 million.

The Zlatko Crnić Foundation was established 20 years ago in memory of Zlatko Crnić, who passed away in a car accident on 29 September 1992, and at the time of his death had been the President of the Supreme Court of the Republic of Croatia, the first president after Croatia gained its independence and international recognition.

Ecology Art Project

Through posters with educational messages on nature and environmental protection we have supported the Ekoris project of Ana and Klara Rusan.

The goal of the project is to raise awareness of sustainable development, protection of nature and the health of the community. To achieve their goal, the Rusan sisters have created posters which portray the ways and importance of recycling in an amusing way, thus prompting the people to adopt eco-friendly habits and leave a cleaner and healthier environment to future generations. The posters were created as digital drawings and conceptualized in a manner that each topic is covered in a certain colour, while portraying serious eco topics through humorous situations.
Additionally, employees are encouraged to carefully use office materials, recycle and use resources, such as drinking water and office paper, with awareness.

Charity Races

The employees of our Law Firm often participate in various charity races whose goal is to raise funds for different charitable causes.

We have taken part in the national campaign “Svako dijete treba obitelj” (Every Child Needs a Family), which included the charity run Mliječna staza (Milky Way) whose participation fees were collected to help the equipping of foster families.

We are part of the organization “Hanza trči” (Hanza Runs) where we actively participate in many activities such as: the race Zagrebački noćni cener whose last event was dedicated to combating drug addiction, the Zagreb Marathon, the Tough Mudder Urban 5K, the B2B RUN Zagreb, the GRAWE Night Marathon, the Sljeme Marathon, the “Petica za Milu” charity race and many others.

Tinkering Challenge Čačkalica

Our Law Firm supports the Čačkalica project created for elementary school children (upper classes) with the purpose of promoting vocational professions and handcrafts in general. Through processes of cooperation, innovation, problem solving and communication the goal is for children to acquire skills they will need in their future career and life in general.

The project was created within the beyond (un)employment international programme financed through the Robert Bosch foundation. Through its basic approach, the purpose of the programme was to contribute to solving the problem of unemployment, especially among the youth.

Law Students’ Congress

Hanžeković & Partners participates in the work of the Law Students’ Congress which has been held for over 10 years and one of its founders is the CEO of our company, Ms Dora Hanžeković Žuža. The congress has been created as a platform which enables students to propose topics, select participants and deliberate the present and better future.

Some of the Congress topics are human rights, bioethics etc., and the sponsors include the UN Migration Agency, the World Health Organization and others. Due to its tradition and relevance, the Hanžeković & Partners continues to support the work of the Congress.

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