Social responsibility


Our company is a registered member of the MAMFORCE Association which supports organizations in the development of a mutual support culture in relation to family and gender awareness. 

Zlatko Crnić Foundation

For many years Hanžeković & Partners has been supporting the Zlatko Crnić Foundation which awards scholarships to the best law students.

Ecology Art Project

Through posters with educational messages on nature and environmental protection we have supported the Ekoris project of Ana and Klara Rusan.

Charity Races

The employees of our Law Firm often participate in various charity races whose goal is to raise funds for different charitable causes.

Tinkering Challenge Čačkalica

Our Law Firm supports the Čačkalica project created for elementary school children (upper classes) with the purpose of promoting vocational professions and handcrafts in general.

Law Students’ Congress

Hanžeković & Partners participates in the work of the Law Students’ Congress which has been held for over 10 years and one of its founders is the CEO of our company, Ms Dora Hanžeković Žuža.

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